Steal my hottest tips & set yourself up for the best summer yet

Get your glow on and don’t just breeze through the summer, conquer it.

After a year at home, I’m reclaiming my summer.

Like most, I’m finally ready to reenter my social circles and ditch the sweats for more stylish (albeit less comfortable) options. 

While it’s extremely exciting to be able to pack my weekends with sun-soaked plans, it’s also a lot of pressure being unfiltered again IRL. 

Feeling confident in your own skin this season goes beyond having a “beach body” –

Having the best summer will mean taking care of ourselves inside and out so we can feel amazing, and consequently be open to all the opportunities this summer has to offer. 

So, I thought I’d share some of the ways I’m improving my mood and boosting my confidence to fully enjoy the most normal season we’ve had in a while.

Without further ado, here are my five tried-and-true tips for how you can look and feel your best this summer: 

1. Opt for seasonal foods

Now that the weather is improving you can start to embrace healthier choices.
Seasonal options depend on where you live, but in general warmer weather means more delicious fruits and veggies for fresh flavor and nutrition-packed summer salads, smoothies, and grilled goodies. Another bonus? You’ll save money on local, seasonal offerings. 

When you eat light and fresh, you may experience a glow-up with more energy, and improved skin.


Set a reminder, or try out a reusable bottle with prompts to ensure you’re getting enough H2O. Not only is this absolutely essential for your body when the weather heats up, but water is also nature’s natural detox. It flushes out any bad toxins in your body, giving you the cleanse you need.

Plus, water can aid you in getting a better quality of sleep, improve your mood, and improve your skin tone.

During the warmer months, the recommended intake is roughly two and a half liters.

3. Try something new 

Starting a new hobby can provide a major confidence boost.
You might want to join a new gym class locally so you can make some new friends, or try out a different sort of exercise, something outdoors perhaps.

In the summer activities are seemingly endless… swimming, outdoor yoga, paddle boarding – anything that gets you moving, and outside, is a win.
Personally, I feel less sluggish and generally happier when I’m able to take a walk, rollerblade, or bike.

Another way to step out of your comfort zone and feel good is to try out a new look.

Embracing new trends can give you a sudden surge of confidence like no other.

From fashion to nails and hair, if there’s something you’ve been wanting to try, but haven’t taken the plunge, now is a great time to invest in yourself (even if it’s noncommittal like investing in a swimsuit that flatters your shape, a new lipstick, or clip-in fringe).

You don’t have to totally splurge either – certain hair products, for example, allow you to gently lighten your tresses for a subtle sun-kissed tint. 

4. Take care of your skin

Summertime reminds us to take it back to the basics with our beauty routine.
That means taking care with cleansing, moisturizing, and using an SPF daily for a healthy dewy glow.

The right SPF will not only lessen the damage and aging effects from the sun (responsible for 80% of visible facial aging signs) – it will also help protect you from skin cancer (In the U.S. more than 9,500 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every day).

Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 broad-spectrum coverage daily, which blocks 97% of the sun’s UV-B rays.

High-SPF products don’t give you a whole lot more protection than that, according to both the EWG and the Skin Cancer Foundation. SPF 50 blocks about 98%, and SPF 100 blocks about 99%.

Bonus skin tip: Shower and moisturize immediately post-swim (chlorine can leave behind a drying film that continues to eat away at your skin, even after leaving the pool)

5. No makeup, no problem 

In the sweltering heat, I for one don’t want to think about a full face of makeup melting off, not to mention clogging my pores.

Instead of investing time applying a full face of makeup, I’m opting for a good sunless tanner for an amped-up glow, and a quality teeth whitener. 

My advice for this is to read the reviews and try not to cheap out on these two areas. If you do, you might face looking like a carrot – or even worse, damaging your pearly whites. 

Not all at-home whitening treatments are created equally.

I use SNOW because I kept seeing it all over social media, with impressive ratings and deep whitening transformations. It’s pretty much the only one that works, and it doesn’t make my teeth super sensitive and cringe with pain when I eat froyo.
It’s designed by dentists without harmful chemicals so it’s safe for all teeth – even veneered or sensitive ones. It’s easy to use and mess-free. In only nine minutes a day my teeth are whiter than I thought possible. 

So with my skin and smile finally in check, all I have to do is add a quick swipe of mascara and a dual lip/cheek tint for a nearly effortless day-to-day regime. 

Lastly, remember, when summer comes your routine shouldn’t go out the window.
Adapt your self-care regimes to continue to take your daily vitamins, journal/meditate if that works for you, and strive for eight hours of sleep. 

I’m also often reminding myself that social media is carefully curated – from the pose to the airbrushing – and most people that see you are too focused on how they look to make any judgments about you. 

Hopefully, these confidence-boosting tips help get you excited for a summer of good times and new memories. 

Summer is here to be lived and enjoyed, and life is too precious to deny yourself a good time!

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