Smile Secrets Of Celebrities

Having the bank account of a celebrity is the dream of several people but sadly, it’s a distant reality. In truth, you can’t help but smile more naturally when you don’t have to think of money problems. Most celebrities were not born with their photogenic smile, they had to use the services of the best dentists in Hollywood.

Some of the procedures they undergo are wearing crowns or porcelain veneers to change the size and shape of their teeth. This procedure also changes the amount of gum line that is exposed when they smile.

Depending on the shape of a person’s face, the teeth are made to be rounded or rectangular. This creates a fantastic aesthetic outcome. That’s not all, they also decrease or increase the length of the teeth for perfect proportions.

While this route may be a little farfetched, several celebrities, particularly the younger ones, prefer whitening and straightening instead.

A number of celebrities also wore Invisalign or braces to get the smile they are famous for today. For example, Tom Cruise used ceramic braces, Justin Bieber wore Invisalign, Miley Cyrus wore a lingual brace and Jaden Smith decided to go for popular old metal braces.    

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By straightening your teeth, you are ensuring that your smile will be more appealing, youthful and healthy. Your confidence will shoot through the roof and you will actually smile from deep within. This is the major reason these celebs look real when they take pictures.

Another smile secret of Hollywood celebs is teeth whitening. As funny as it sounds, a lot of people sometimes associate pearly white teeth with beauty, health, and vitality. It is quite unfortunate that other factors sometimes negate this. Some medications, genetics, soda, aging, coffee and several other factors can affect the color of the teeth as you age.

A home whitening strip or whitening toothpaste can do the magic. It can comfortably take care of mild stains. This method is quite affordable but the results are limited. While celebrities don’t hesitate to splurge when they want their teeth whitened, the services they pay for ensure they get amazing results.

How to Get The Smile of a Celebrity Smile Without a Big Budget

A number of people do not need a significant overhaul to improve the quality of their smile. You can get pearly white teeth without having to break the bank. There are several home whitening options that can whiten your teeth between 2 – 4 shades. You just have to be consistent with the procedure and avoid sugary foods that can further stain the teeth.

You can also make sure your teeth are cavity free and healthy by flossing, brushing, and going for regular dental check ups. Take care of your oral health just like you would take care of other vital parts of your body.

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