If you think your teeth are indestructible, you could not be more wrong. There are several things that you do that affect the general health of your teeth. Over the years, it can be broken down by wear and tear, but you can prevent this if you take the necessary precautions.

One of the major causes of tooth damage and decay are bad habits we practice daily. Here is a list of bad habits you should try to avoid;

Jaw Clenching or Teeth Grinding

This habit frequently happens when we’re stressed. Unconsciously, people tend to grind their teeth or clench their jaw as a response to stress. The problem is that your teeth are at the risk of severe friction and pressure which can build up over time. It could weaken some places in your teeth and could cause micro fractures. 

Eating Ice

Thanks to global warming, we’re now prone to heat waves more than ever before. However, certain practices, like eating ice cubes could harm your teeth. The hardness and the coldness of the ice can crack a tooth.

Eating Ice

Eating Lemons

Flavoring your food or water with lemon is nice, but try as much as possible not to suck on the lemons. Lemon is quite acidic and it corrodes the enamel and continuous exposure to foods like this can damage your teeth in the long run. Worse still, it can also create a rough texture on your teeth’s surface.

Thumb Sucking

This is very common in children, but any child between the ages of 5 – 6 should not indulge in this habit. When a child starts growing permanent teeth, thumb sucking could lead to misalignment in the structure of the jaw and the teeth.

This could pose severe problems for the child over the years, like breathing problems and difficulty in chewing. Ensure you keep an eye on your kids so they don’t get used habits like this. Try as much as possible to wean them off while they are still young.

Sucking Thumb

Using Your Teeth as a Tool

Using the teeth as a tool is one of the reasons most people have a cracked tooth. A number of persons use their teeth to open bottle tops, packages, breaking off a tap etc. Remember your teeth aren’t hooks or pliers, so don’t treat them like one. No matter how tempting it is, don’t use your teeth as a tool or you could end up with a cracked tooth.

Biting Or Chewing On Objects That Is Not Food

There are times when you could be deep in thought, and you unconsciously grab a pencil, pen or anything within reach and you begin to chew on them. Even though this habit can help you focus, you should know that you are seriously putting pressure on your teeth.

Ideally, your teeth are meant to chew food and nothing else. Doing this continuously can cause your teeth to crack, shift or break any dental work in your mouth.

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