Improve Your Selfies: 5 Unusual Tips to Nail the Perfect Smile in Every Photo

You’ve picked out the perfect outfit and a thoughtful caption, but your selfie can be completely ruined by an unsuspecting culprit…. a forced, awkward smile.

The trick to racking up the likes on Instagram depends on how naturally you flash your dazzling white smile.

But even though we’ve been smiling since we were born, doing it photogenically is much easier said than done and takes a bit of practice.

To help you nail that candid grin, there are a few easy hacks used by models and actors to look better in photos.

Below, we’re highlighting five of those top expert tips that’ll help you achieve the perfect smile in photos. 

Keep scrolling and take notes! 

1. The Tongue-Touch Trick

This trick is pro-model approved and can be readily found on the grids of social media influencers everywhere.

To get this sultry look, follow these easy steps:

  1. Sit up straight, posture is the key to elongating your neck and slimming your face
  2. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth behind your teeth
  3. Swallow, which will suck in your cheeks just slightly, giving you defined cheekbones
  4. Smile without showing your teeth

It might feel a bit weird at first, but this process tightens the muscles in your face and neck, giving you a sculpted, model-like definition while looking natural.
Pro tip: try it a few times in the mirror before you set your self-timer.

While it may sound like you’re recreating the scene in sleeping beauty, this is a super simple way to look more relaxed and natural in photos.

Here’s how it works: Close your eyes a couple of seconds before you know the picture will be taken, and then slowly open them (not super slow, but don’t jerk them open, either. You’ll be slightly squinting or smizing as Tyra Banks would say). Slowly draw up the corners of your mouth to smile, or part your lips open just a bit.

This resets any of the awkwardness you may feel about taking a photo and ensures that your smile doesn’t seem forced or overeager.

3. The ‘Pretend Like Someone Told a Good Joke’ Trick

Even if you’re alone, faking joyous laughter will get you an amazing, candid smile.
Angle your face slightly, smile, and pretend to laugh or think of something really funny and get the giggles for real!

Happiness is contagious, this expression is sure to delight your followers.

4. The Side-Smirk Trick

Angle your face, purse your lips just slightly, and open up your eyes for a unique smile. You really can’t go wrong with a subtle side-smirk.

5. The Smile-With-Eyes Trick

Instantly turn your photo from plain and ordinary to model quality with the easiest trick in this list. Tyra Banks, the modeling expert that coined this trick, definitely wasn’t wrong about smizing. 

It actually works and will elevate your selfie.

How? Just ‘laugh on the inside’ to create a relaxed face, part your lips, and squint slightly.

Give these a try and get the frame-worthy photos you thought were only for the pros!

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