How To Spend Rainy Days In The Summer

Summer has finally graced us with its presence. The time where we can finally go get lobster-tanned at the beach, picnic in the park, and sip White Claw on a busy patio is upon us. 

Before we go further, we have good news and bad news—not every day is going to be a winner. You will inevitably have to endure a couple days of rain—we know… gross! But the rainy days don’t have to be so dreary! Make the best of a slippery situation by checking out our compilation of great rainy day activities. 

Hop on the latest TikTok trend

The creators on TikTok are getting ultra-crafty. And with new trends arriving daily, there’s something for everyone—food hacks, lip syncing, and dance challenges—to name a few. This style of short form video entertainment will have you buried in your phone for hours. 

A couple trends that are sweeping the TikTok-verse in 2021:

  • #SeaShanty – Videos with this hashtag have accumulated over a billion views! People around the globe are loving the 200-year old tradition of singing hymns originally sung aboard large ships. And with the new “duet” feature on TikTok, you can watch creators collaborate to create amazing performances that’ll make you feel like you’re listening to The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.
  • #Flexibility – The flexibility challenge is sweeping the internet. It involves placing numbers in a clock-like formation on the screen and lifting your leg to see how far you can flex it. People are literally “flexing” their ability to flex. 
  • #TortillaTrend – Checkout this hashtag to find out why this new trend is the ultimate food hack. Breakfast, tortilla! Lunch, tortilla! Dinner, tortilla! Creating mouthwatering wraps for every meal has never been so easy. Use all of your favorite ingredients by sectioning them off into four individual quarters and then folding them into a culinary masterpiece. (ie- blue cheese, honey, apple, spinach). Warning: Try not to drool on your phone when you visit this hashtag.

Whiten your teeth

Another great way to kill time is to whiten your teeth. But don’t just pick any teeth whitening kit. Most are made with unnatural ingredients that strip your enamel and leave your teeth more susceptible to surface stains and premature weathering. 

Our favorite company is “SNOW.” They make a product that can dramatically whiten your teeth in as little as 9-minutes per day. It’s never been tested on animals and contains no harmful chemicals. Their system includes a proprietary teeth-whitening serum and a LED accelerating mouthpiece that fits snug and highlights your teeth. 

If you’re going to invest in one part of your appearance, invest in your teeth. It’s your smile that people notice first and remember—so make sure it’s white and beaming.

Plan a trip: 

There is a very high probability that you’d rather be anywhere on the planet then the place you just quarantined for a whole year. A fun little escapism exercise is to plan a trip, even if you don’t plan on going on it! 

Spend the night looking up flights, AirBnb’s, restaurants, new bathing suits, etc. The more detailed, the better. Try to figure out how the local transit system works, where the cool underground bars are located, and all the tourist hotspots to avoid. The excitement and curiosity of planning will remind you that the possibilities are truly endless and hopefully it will motivate you to get back out there sooner rather than later! If you get “analysis paralysis,” just spin the globe and wherever your finger lands is where you’re destined to go.

Board Games/Card Games/Puzzles

One of the most classic ways to spend a rainy afternoon is huddled around a board game with friends and family. You’ll find that Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, and Scrabble are still as thrilling as they were ten years ago. But now you’re older, wiser, and you’ve learned about all your friends’ unique pressure points. You can come out on top, with a healthy mix of strategy and sh*t talking.

If you don’t have any board games, a friendly game of Euchre or a 1000-piece puzzle should keep you entertained for a few hours. 

Go to the drive in 

After a year of Netflix and chillin’, it’s refreshing to switch things up! Pack the car with the people you love for a thrilling night at the drive in. If you like talking or texting during movies, this is the place for you. Because when you’re in the car, no one can see or hear what you’re doing. 

Pro tip: Bring a cooler loaded with some bevy’s and your favorite snack to save some moolah.

Iron Chef – Home Edition

Do you have competitive friends and family? Challenge them to a friendly cook-off!

Head over to the market and pick out some foods that you wouldn’t typically eat. Start the timer, fire up the pans, and let the games begin! 

To spice things up, include a mystery black box item (ie. dragonfruit) that chefs have to incorporate into their dish. At the end of the competition, everyone will get to enjoy your questionable creations. Bon appetit! 

Career Hunting

Do you loathe going to work every day? Well, you’re not alone. According to a 2018 survey by Gallup, 66% of employees worldwide are either not engaged or are actively disengaged in their job. 

Think… What is something you’re good at but have always been afraid to try? Perhaps you enjoy public speaking, walking dogs, or being a CSI closet detective? There is no time like the present to swap careers for something more up your alley. The person who wrote this article used to be a bartender. Now he’s a writer. If he can do it, so can you! 

Don’t know where to turn for ideas? Call some people in your network and ask them where they think you would be a good fit. 

See?! Rainy days don’t have to suck. There are a million ways to fill a day—and some of them are even free! Use rainy days to get stuff done or to do absolutely nothing. The choice is yours! 

We hope you liked some of our suggestions and now you know where to turn in the event that boredom strikes. 

Also, if you’ve always dreamed of having teeth that are snow white, look no further because SNOW has got your back. Easily erase wine and coffee stains with their dentist-formulated teeth whitening solution. Highlights:

  • Loved by celebrities
  • Only 9 minutes per day
  • Safe for gums and enamel
  • Designed for sensitive teeth 
  • $1.60/treatment with 75 treatments included
  • 90% of users get a whiter smile after just one use

Join millions of people who are using SNOW to brighten their smiles and brighten the world.

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