A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Beauty: Five Easy Hacks for Effortless Beauty in 10 Minutes or Less

You want to look good, but do you really want to wake up early for an expensive, multi-step, time-taking beauty routine every day? Nope! (especially not when temperatures start heating up!).

Thankfully, you don’t have to… 
We scoured the internet for the best beauty results that require the most minimal effort.

With these hacks and a few inexpensive products that actually work, you’ll get that off-duty model vibe in 10 minutes or less.

1.Stress + Heat-free Wavy Hair

The product: Socks
Time it takes: 10 minutes of prep, then works overnight as you sleep

Beauty lovers have once again ditched damaging hot tools like curling irons. Instead, they’ve started wrapping sections of hair around socks to wake up to heat-free curls.
This trend isn’t new, but is back and more popular than ever with the beauty hack making its rounds on TikTok.

Not only does it save time but it’s much kinder on your strands.
The jaw-dropping results videos are found easily on TikTok or with a Google search.

Once you try it and see the results you may just want to ditch your styling wand for good.

Here are the simple steps to get you started:

  • Gather 6-8 dress socks. The longer and thinner they are, the better. The number of socks you need will depend on how thick your hair is. If you have very thick hair, you might need 10-12 socks.
  • Wash and towel-dry your hair. Be sure to condition your hair and brush out any tangles prior to styling. Hair should be damp, but not dripping. Some users also use a little bit of mousse but according to most TikTokkers, it isn’t necessary.
  • Style your hair in two-inch sections. Grab a section with your non-dominant hand and hold it at the end. Place a tube sock across your hair so that it is perpendicular. The sock should be placed halfway between the roots and ends of your hair.
  • Wrap the end of your hair around the sock. You should leave about one or two inches at the end loose.
  • Roll the sock up toward your roots. Once you reach the roots of your hair, tie the ends of the sock securely together.
  • Repeat on each section of your hair. It’s easier to start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up. Don’t style bangs, if you have them.
  • Once you’re done, sleep soundly knowing that when you wake up you’ll have perfectly tousled beach waves. In the morning when your hair is fully dry, just take the socks out and lightly separate the waves. Bonus: lightly spritz a hair spray all over for lasting waves.  

2.The Perfect Brows

The product: Bar soap
Time it takes: Two minutes

This hack totally demystifies achieving the perfect brow.
You can keep your arches glossy and in place with throwback translucent bar soap and a spoolie brush.

Soap is a genius alternative to brow gels and pomades because, as dermatologist Dr. Zeichner explains it, soap contains a fat known as glycerin that coats the surface of the hairs to keep them in place. Although it won’t tint your brow hairs like actual brow styling products can, it works like a charm for shaping them and setting them all day long—and for a fraction of the cost.

It’s so easy too – just rub your dampened spoolie against the soap and sculpt your brows. If you please, fill them in after with a brow pencil or powder, just make sure the soap is fully set first.

3.Model-White Teeth (Without the Damage!)

The product: SNOW Teeth Whitening
Time it takes: Nine minutes

Achieving effortless beauty can be as simple as improving your smile. 

Over one million happy SNOW customers agree that protecting and perfecting their smile is 100% worth the investment… and that cutting corners with professionally unadvised TikTok teeth fads is just not worth the health risk or potentially paying thousands of dollars in dental fees to correct damage. 

SNOW has been a favorite of social media and a-list celebs (like the Kardashians) for a long time. Its patented teeth whitening kit has a 99% satisfaction rating, and because of its mass popularity and indisputable results, it has been showcased on GQ, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Oprah Magazine, and The Doctors.

Perfect for all types of teeth, even sensitive ones or those with veneers – the all-in-one home whitening system delivers proven results without causing long-term damage or tooth sensitivity like DIY mixtures or other, less gentle whitening brands.

This at-home treatment uses patented technology formulated by dentists to whiten even the deepest of stains in a way that’s safe and gentle on tooth enamel (which you cannot get back once destroyed). Expensive and impossible-to-book whitening appointments at your dentist’s office is no longer necessary. You can now get the same results from the comfort and convenience of your home while you stream or scroll. 

The best part (aside from model-like pearly whites)? The high-tech system only takes nine minutes daily.  

4.Easy Hair Removal

The product: Magic Shaving Powder
Time it takes: Five minutes (plus some prep)

TikTok tipped Priscilla Alaniz — and millions of other people — off to Magic Shaving Powder, an under-$10 depilatory that’s been around since 1964 and gotten a new audience thanks to the app.

Like other depilatories (like Veet), this contains a chemical that removes the hair from your skin without waxing or using a razor. Promisingly, even users with thick dark hair have sworn this actually works.

5.Surprising Multi-Use Skin Solution

The product: Vaseline Original Unscented Petroleum Jelly
Time it takes: 30 second application, then wear overnight

A lazy-girl beauty routine wouldn’t be complete without a step for flawless skin.
This inexpensive miracle product can be used for practically everything and anything…  seriously.

Highlighter? Check. Just dab itty bitty amounts wear you normally would apply highlighter. Moisturizer? Yup, it works perfectly for dry skin too. To make it into a lipgloss or eyeshadow with a sheen, just mix a tiny sprinkle of blush or eyeshadow pigment then apply. It’s even been said that if you use it before you spritz your favorite perfume it will make the scent last longer. At the end of the day, you can even use it to remove your eye makeup.

Now, there’s another amazing use that, unsurprisingly, has been circulating on TikTok.

Recently, you may have seen users slathering Vaseline Original Unscented Petroleum Jelly to their skin in the hopes of reducing cystic acne in a technique which is known as “slugging.” To make the skin-healing barrier simply spread on a layer of jelly as a final step in your nighttime skin-care routine (i.e. after moisturizer) in order to “seal in” the skin-care steps that came before it.

If you’re a skeptic, according to dermatologists it actually works. Pittsburgh-based, board-certified dermatologist Lindsey Zubritsky and Florida-based, board-certified dermatologist Alexis Stephens hype up the trend and stand behind it.

We’ve done all the tutorial-watching for you to pick out the best beauty hacks on the internet –
So get your beauty sleep and try these tips above that will make you look fresh, with pretty much no effort at all.

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