4 Tips For Dating Over 40


Maybe you have been dating for decades or maybe you are newly divorced either way dating in your 40s feels way harder than it did in your 20s. The dating scene is different than it was back then, what you are looking for is different and most importantly you are different. The world has changed from meeting someone in a social setting to meeting someone with the click on a button on your phone. In today’s connected world meeting someone sounds easier than ever, but it’s easier said than done. Here are 5 tips to dating over 40.

1 Keep on trying new things  – Be the type of single person that you want to find! Get out in the world and try new things that interest you. You can join a weekly hiking groups or take an international cooking class! Not only does this get you out and meeting new people in your area but it gives you lots to talk about on a first date. Who knows you may just meet the love of your life while learning a new skill or doing something that you already love.

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2 Brighten up your smile – Studies show that a bright smile can have a bigger first impressions than wearing makeup! You have 40 years of battle scars and your teeth may have taken a hit during a few of those adventures. Coffee and red wine are often to blame for dull and yellow teeth but boy do they ever taste good. You don’t need to give up your morning cup of joe but you might consider getting your teeth whitened. You may be thinking, what about sensitive teeth or enamel erosion, lucky for you, technology has also changed in the last 20 years. Stay away from teeth whitening at the dentist, it expensive and you can only get it done once. The best solution – an at home teeth whitening kit! With today’s technology you can now get at home kits that work instantly and the best part, they don’t cause any sensitivity or erode any enamel!

3 Create an honest profile – So you don’t love long walks on the beach under the moonlight, if that’s not for you, you probably don’t want to attract someone who loves it anyways. If your looking to attract your perfect match then you need to be as authentic as possible on your dating profile. Be honest about your hobbies and what you want. This is the best way to weed out those who may not be for you! Don’t use a profile picture of you from 10 years ago either, use a current and up to date picture. You don’t want to start a new relationship based on dishonesty so be your truly unique and authentic self.

4 Take Chances – Don’t be afraid to make the first move, what’s the worst that can happen? So they said no, is it really that bad? At least you tired and you won’t have to spend the rest of your life wondering what if. If they said no then they aren’t the one for you and you have now freed up some space in your mind for the right one! Along with making the first move comes don’t be afraid to say yes! If someone asks you on a date, why not give it a shot. They just might surprise you.  

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